ideas for small business

ideas for small business

The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Drytac JM18 Pressure-Sensitive Laminator

Sunday, August 31, 2014 | 7:04 pm

If you’ve been looking for a cold laminator, you know there are many models to choose from. One machine that’s worth a look is the Drytac JM18 Pressure-Sensitive Laminator. It has a lot of great features but there are also some things you need to know before investing in it. Here are the JM18′s strengths and weaknesses.



Overall, the Drytac JM18 would be a great choice for just about anyone who’s in the market for a cold laminator that can handle different types of boards. This product would be great for offices, photography and graphic design studios, copy shops, and schools. Just keep in mind that this is an entry-level device, so it will be easy to use but more advanced users may want a machine with more features. If this sounds like what you need, be sure to take a look at the JM18 today.

About the Author

If you’d like to purchase the JM18 18″ Laminator, visit They have great price and all the Laminating Film that you’ll need. Plus, you’ll get free shipping on all orders over $75.00. If you’d like to learn more about these types of products, you can read all about them at

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5 Ways For Heating Your Home

Sunday, August 31, 2014 | 12:28 am

Heating a home can be a major issue. Lack of insulation, location, and climate can be serious problems. Inefficient systems and huge electricity bills can cost a fortune. A good air conditioner can solve all of these problems for you. You can save a lot of money, and make life a lot more comfortable for yourself in the process.

Heating, costs, and issues

Heating is a potentially serious problem. Not only is it a quality of life issue, inadequate heating can be a health problem. People can suffer severely and quite unnecessarily, as a result of poor or inefficient heating systems.

Cost is another factor. The best approach to heating costs is to work on an actual dollar figure, because it will tell you a lot about what’s a good heating option and what isn’t.

Defining what you need

Heating requirements vary a lot, depending on where you live, and the type of premises in which you live. Older buildings can be real problems. Their designs are based on old concepts, insulation may be lacking, seals may have given way over time, and general wear and tear will have added to the situation.

Modern buildings can also have some real issues, even with insulation. Siting, facing, and local climate situations can reduce the effectiveness of their design features. If you’ve ever lived near a beach, or near mountains, and been hit with a winter wind, you’ll appreciate how difficult a situation that can be.

To define your heating needs, consider:

Your specific issues with heating your home
The needs of the living areas
Realistic budget approaches
These parameters identify your heating solution.

Cost efficient heating and air conditioning

Your budget considerations have also given you a valuable tool for making a decision about your air conditioning. This is the dollar figure. One of the great things about air conditioning is that there’s no guesswork involved about cost efficiency.

The type of air conditioner you need, for example a ducted air conditioner, will give you a bandwidth of prices. When you know the price of an air conditioner and the wattage, the rest is easy. You can even see how much you’ll save, compared to your current costs. Modern air conditioners are built for energy efficiency. That’s one of the reasons they’re such good deals in terms of long term usage.

Finding what you need

The next stage is a quick online browsing session checking out models and deals. This will show you a representative range of models, prices, and purchase options. It’s worth comparing models and prices, and contacting retailers to clarify any obscure issues.

Getting the right air conditioning heating system

Your new heating system should be exactly what you want, or even better. Don’t be surprised if it winds up costing a bit less than your budget, because this extremely competitive market keeps prices sensitive to consumer demands. You may even get some extras, depending on the available deals.

About the Author

Heating a home can be a major issue. Lack of insulation, location, and climate can be serious problems. Inefficient systems and huge electricity bills can cost a fortune. A good air conditioner can solve all of these problems for you. You can save a lot of money, and make life a lot more comfortable for yourself in the process.

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What Are The Duties Of A Good Mover

Friday, August 29, 2014 | 3:33 pm

The process of relocation is a time consuming one which requires you to pack your items and sometimes even sell your old house. Your family has to adjust to the new surroundings and make new friends. You too have to adjust to your new office environment. A good mover will always make the process of shifting less stressful for you. They will pack your things, load them in an organized manner onto the truck and also help to unpack and arrange them at your new residence so that you do not feel the pain when to reach your new destination.

It is good to know what the responsibilities of your mover are, so that you can set an expectation from them. Here are some of the basic responsibilities of a mover:

1. Before the process of shifting: Before the actual day of moving, the contractor would arrive at your place and give you an on-site estimate. After this is settled, he would discuss the process of moving which includes the date and time. Any person, who has recently moved in US cities like Fairview and Portland, would tell you that this is the perfect time to discuss about the claims procedure of the mover and whether there are any other fees involved.

2. During the process of relocation: This is the day when your mover would perform its main responsibility which is shifting your things from your old place to your new one. They would arrive at your place, pack the items, and load them onto the truck. While they perform this vital part of the entire job, ensure that they put together a bill of lading. This is a document which would mention the various items that they are shifting and their condition while they get packed. After all the loading is done your mover will ask you to sign on the bill of lading and any other necessary document. On arrival at your new place they will unpack the things and arrange them as per your directions.

3. After the move: After the shifting process is over, the mover will arrive to collect any dues and this is the time when they can account for any damages done during relocation.

Anywhere in US, even in major cities like Gladstone or Portland these are the basic responsibilities of any moving company. Are you looking for a reliable mover? Portland and Vancouver are some of the cities in US where residents can hire the service of experts from All America Moving. They help in both long and short distance moving. For further information about the company and to know about their services, visit their website

About the Author

Looking for a reliable mover Portland? You can hire the service of experts from All America Moving. They help in both long and short distance moving.

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Grow Your Business From Your Niche

Thursday, August 28, 2014 | 3:07 pm

If you have managed to figure out your niche, you are miles ahead of most small businesses who either have no marketing plan at all or a very poor one.

Last month I wrote about why entrepreneurs struggle with the concept of niche marketing, and the fears around it. Maybe you have managed to overcome those niggling doubts that say, “If I narrow down my focus to one tiny group, my business will slow down to a trickle.” In fact, it is the opposite, but there are a few things you need to be aware of in order to grow your business from this place.

Take this quick easy three-part niche assessment to determine if your niche is a strong one or not. Look at these three points, keeping your niche group in mind, and see if you get a yes for all three.

A good niche group needs to be focused on people who:

1. Have a strong emotionally compelling problem or issue they need help with.
2. Want the positive results that will either make them feel much better or solve a big problem.
3. Are willing to pay for the benefits they will receive because they see the value to their life, business and/or happiness.

I talked to a new client last week; a health practitioner who said he wanted to grow his business larger. He clearly had no niche group he was marketing to. I asked him to tell me who his niche might be if he could choose. He said it would be a 30-40 year old woman who was healthy and wanted to stay that way by practicing preventative care. He said this was his favorite client.

Although I can understand why he enjoyed working with a client like her, the cream of the crop, it is unlikely he will grow his business larger with her as a niche. Why is that?

First, she doesn’t have a real emotionally compelling problem. She feels good now. Second, there is no big difficulty to solve in order for her to feel the immediate benefits, even if she might feel a sense of peace knowing she was preventing problems. Lastly, she might pay for this kind of preventative help as long as she had the extra money because she knows it is a good idea. However, it will likely be a lower priority with other expenses, and certainly critical issues will take priority.

The fact that this client didn’t pass my famous three-question test, doesn’t mean she wouldn’t sometimes come to this practitioner for help every so often and be a wonderful client, but it will be an uphill climb to grow a business based on marketing to her. Her issue is just not compelling enough.

Your entire marketing plan needs to be built around one small, but strong group of people. Every decision and every strategy needs to have these people as it’s focus. It needs to be a narrow group of people that pass the Niche Assessment with flying colors.

To grow a stronger business and make more money it’s not about marketing to a million different kinds of people. It is about marketing to one narrow strong group and offering a million different ways they can work with you.

The health practitioner decided to change his niche to 30-40 year old women who get chronic debilitating headaches. The headaches zap her energy, wear her out, she is unable to be in a good mood around her children, she feels grumpy and isn’t enjoying life. She wants to feel good, have the pain go away and have more energy and focus for her kids. She is certainly willing to pay for this because she wants relief and feels desperate. This will change her life for the better.

How many women in his geographic area fit this description? I would imagine, thousands! By building a marketing plan and strategies based on this specialty, people will see him as an expert in their issue and will flock to see him. Assuming he gives excellent service, people will come once, get help and they will come back for more help. His clinic can offer tons of products and services to help this woman. To name just a few; body work, stress reduction techniques, supplements, relaxation cds, nutritional help, and the list goes on. You are already thinking of a few more I imagine.

This woman might bring her kids or her husband even if they don’t have headaches, because she now likes him and feels a connection and trust. She tells her friends. His business begins to grow.

Many people he helps don’t have headaches and are not even women but his marketing stays focused toward that niche regardless. He puts together strategies that work like writing articles, giving free introductory classes, changing the content on his website and so on.

Entrepreneurs who have a specialty and a strong niche steering their marketing plan, will grow their business by leaps and bounds. It works!

About the Author

Expert at helping you focus. niche marketing and growing your small business bigger. Kaya Singer, author of “Clear Your Focus Grow Your Business.”

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Turning Your Hobby Into a Hobby Business – The Advantages and Disadvantages

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 | 9:22 am

Trying to come up with ideas to start a profitable business can be a little daunting at times. A technique for obtaining inspiration and ideas is to look at everything you do for fun and enjoyment, and see if you can turn those things into a hobby business. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this approach, but if done the right way turning a hobby into a viable business can be both profitable and rewarding.

The pros of turning a hobby into a hobby business

1. The inspiration and pleasure of doing your hobby as work will motivate you, making you dedicated and productive.

2. The knowledge and experience you already possess in the hobby activity will mean you don’t have to get expensive or time consuming education to begin the business. You can start pretty much right away.

3. You may already have friends and contacts involved in the hobby activity who are either doing it commercially, can direct you to people who are, or who may even want to team up with you in starting a hobby business enterprise.

4. You more than likely already have some or all of the equipment and gear associated with the hobby business, cutting down on start up costs. You may also know others who can lend you their equipment or to whom you can outsource various portions of the business process.

5. You are probably even familiar with the business side of the hobby even if you haven’t previously pursued it a commercial sense. For instance, you may be familiar with how hot the market is, time and productivity factors, or profit potential. So again, you will have useful knowledge and experience that can help you to launch the hobby business quickly and effectively.

The cons of starting a hobby business

1. Doing your hobby full time could lead to your getting tired or burnt out. If it’s very important to you that the hobby remain strictly an amusement or leisure time activity, this may be a consideration. Doing it as a full time business will change your sense of how you see the hobby. It may begin to seem more like work if you are doing it full time. A good remedy for this is to start several hobby businesses and do each of them part time or whenever you are inspired to do them.

2. There may or may not be a big market for your hobby. Looked at realistically, just as with anything else, there is more demand for some goods and services than others. If your hobby business happens to be one that many others are doing, you may face a lot of competition. Or it simply may not currently be a particularly hot market. Remember also however, that the creativity and energy that you put into it could distinguish your business and turn these issues around.

3. Since you didn’t originally select the hobby with business in mind, there may be costs that are not ideal for a small start up. For instance, you may be able to afford materials for it in an occasional hobby sense, but the costs for these materials for a more high volume venture may be difficult to meet. Creative financing of various sorts could help you to get around this.

There are many solid reasons for turning your passion into dollars – it can bring you great financial rewards as well as giving you enjoyment from doing something that you love to do. Still, the success or failure of your hobby business depends on how much time and effort that you put into it.

About the Author

Starting a hobby business is a great way to make money while doing something you love. Visit: to learn more.

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How to Pack Glassware and Paintings on Your Move

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 | 4:09 pm

Glassware and paintings are fragile or highly breakable items. They need utmost care and attentions while packing them before you move to your new residence. Packing such items is very tricky task to avoid the risk of damage. If you are failed to pack such items properly, it is possible that you may face loss or damage of your items. So pack such items carefully using good quality packing materials before you move to your new home. Items you will need to pack such fragile stuffs are old newspapers, bubble wrap, cartons & boxes, tape, etc. Here are some important tips and suggestions which can help you pack fragile items properly in right way.

Packing of Glassware – Tips

* Get handy plenty of necessary packing supplies before you start pack glassware.

* Wrap each glass or cup in piece of bubble wrap or good quality wrapping sheets. Tape it properly. You can use old newspaper to wrap such items.

* Prepare a carton. Put enough layers of wadded newspapers or wrapping sheets on the bottom of the carton for proper cushion or padding.

* Place wrapped glasses carefully on upright position as if you ware arranging them on the table.

* Put two or three layers of wrapping sheets on top and the sides inside the box. Fill empty spaces with wadded newspapers or other cushioning materials. You can also use dividers between cups and glasses.

* Shut and seal the box with tape. Mark box with tag “Fragile – Glasses”

Packing of Paintings – Tips

* It is very important to put masking tape on front of the painting if your painting in paintings is framed with glass. This way pieces will remain in place in case unfortunately glass breaks or cracks.

* Make sure you cover the framed painting or canvas properly using good quality bubble wrap and tape it closed properly.

* Put the paintings in a picture or mirror box if you are packing it with glass. If it fit loosely in the box, fill the empty spaces with lightly wadded newspapers.

* If two boxes are required for packing of paintings, then put the second box on the top of other and tape them properly. Wrap them in bubble wrap and tape again.

* If you are packing a canvas painting with no frame & no glass, wrap the painting and put them box. Wrap box again in bubble wrap.

* Finally tape the carton or boxes. And Mark with tag “Fragile – Art”

About the Author

Ravikant is an amateur writer primarily focusing on relocation & transportation related topics. Currently he is rendering his services to Packers Movers Bhopal – one of leading Packers and Movers Bhopal base companies.

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Automotive Parts Suppliers – How To Find Right One For Your Business

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 | 9:29 am

Parts of automotive represent those elements which play a crucial role in building several useful automobiles like Cars, Autos, Trucks, etc. Doing business in automotive parts is something which is not practiced by many people. This is because a great mechanical knowledge is required to do the work efficiently. You cannot find Automotive Parts Suppliers in any common market. There services can be received only if we go to the areas which are specially made for this purpose. There you can find all the services which are directly or indirectly related with the automobile such as all the hardware related with the automobile like the spare parts, the brakes, etc. You can find both the exterior as well as interior parts of the automobiles.

It is true that your physical appearance is very much required while purchasing any product, however it sometimes becomes difficult to take out time from our hectic schedule and go to those areas so as to find a perfect Automotive Parts Suppliers. Well, as we all know that internet has made almost every aspect of our life really easy and so it is same in the case of automotive parts as well. A large number of portals are available these days which comprises some quality Automotive Parts Suppliers which can provide their valuable services that too in your budget.

At times it is hard to make choice in suppliers who are only available in a particular area. However, this problem no longer exists when you shop for the automotive parts online. A wide range of suppliers are available online offering some valuable deals for the customers. It helps a lot in getting the best product because you can research all the options freely so as to get a market idea and then invest the money in any product. It helps to get the best value for your money.

Apart from this, the fundamental analysis of all the suppliers and their products are also available online through which the customer can take their investment decisions properly. Not only this, customer reviews are also mentioned on some websites which proves to be useful in taking the right decision.

Now, let’s see the picture from the supplier’s point of view. Well sitting in a conventional automotive shop is slightly boring and tedious. This is because not a large number of customers visit these shops regularly. However, the scenario is different in online shopping. Here as the Automotive Parts Suppliers are not restricted to any specified place, they can get in touch with buyers from all across the world. The supplier is just required to publicize his services in such a way that potential buyers can get attracted towards him easily.

Hence, moving towards the end, it could be said that online shopping has proved to be beneficial for not only the buyers of the products but for the Automotive Parts Suppliers as well. So, if you are also a buyer or seller of automotive parts, give the online option a try. It can do wonders for your business.

About the Author

Emily Ralph is an independent small business consultant who advises and counsels small business owners and helps them. To access more information about small business manufacturer, free tenders, automotive parts suppliers and b2b buying leads visit

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Quality not Quantity

Monday, August 25, 2014 | 3:54 am

Quality not Quantity

I have a full time job and recently started working from home part time to help bring in some extra income. I joined a company called GDI ( Global Domain International).GDI allow myself to be a independent Representative signing people up for Domain and building websites.
GDI teaches people how to build a website in 15min or less I must say it was fun to see my idea in my head come to life. I now have a business that works for me 24 hours and 7 days a week. The best thing about it is that it is a Multi-level Marketing company which allows me to get paid off the efforts of myself and others. I chose Multi-level Marketing because you could start you own business under $1,000 dollars and start in the positive cash flow with in your first month depending on your work you put in.
Quality not Quantity, I don’t want anyone joining my organization with GDI, why you may ask? Because GDI works just like any other business or service but you must work the business and that means putting out fliers and asking people to build websites and register them a domain name for their business. So if I can find good Quality people to duplicate Global Domain International system and keep working even when it seems they are not getting any results, the system will start to work for them, it works for me. Any Business must be advertised and GDI pays me to tell people about theirs service and pays me a commission when people join to use their service. I use Business cards to get the word out write articles drop post cards, and fliers at events in my city. The people go to my personal website and learn more on the money making opportunity then if they are interested they contact me or the company.
The system is easy to duplicate, and my way is not the best way, I just do it consistently! And if you join GDI and talk to people at your church or any event you go to and share the opportunity watch your business grow! And your money comes in!
So in closing I need quality people to join GDI and I will so them how to make enough money to cover the car not or the rent, mortgage or a quick $100 for the movies!

Call 1(800)693-6897 Access code: rray

About the Author

Raymond started to help bring in additonal income and to have the free tome to enjoy with my family and friends

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7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Business

Sunday, August 24, 2014 | 5:08 pm

If you’ve already created your own business but sometimes wonder why you ever took the plunge then let this be a reminder of why you made the right decision.

However, if you’re still thinking about starting your own business but are yet to take action, here’s my top seven reasons why you should start your own business today…

Taking Control

If you’ve ever had a 9-5 job then you’ll appreciate how little control you really have over what you do. As a business owner you have ultimate control of what you do, why and when, which is very empowering. However, if things don’t go to plan you also have no-one else to blame.

Being Passionate

You can and should choose a business which you’re passionate about. If you don’t just chase the money, but instead choose something you really enjoy then your daily routine can feel more like a full time hobby than real work.

Making a Difference

With your own business you can really make a difference and have a powerful influence in a niche which you’re passionate about. You can add real value to peoples lives and do things the way you think thy should be done. You don’t have to compromise on quality, service or value. You can deliver the best.

Gaining Recognition

If you’re in a small specialised niche you can easily become recognised as a thought leader, expert, top supplier or just a top guy/girl in your field. It’s hard to gain much recognition for what you do in a 9-5 job, but as a business owner your influence is far reaching.

Financial Freedom

If you have a 9-5 job, multiply your highest likely hourly rate by how many hours you can realistically work. That’s as rich as you’ll ever be as an employee. However, as a business owner there is no such equation. There’s no limits to how much money you can earn and how few hours you need to work.

Lifestyle Design

With your newly found control, passion, influence, recognition and financial freedom you can really live the lifestyle you want. Lifestyle can be designed just like anything else but sadly so many people ever attempt to do it. Your desired lifestyle should be designed from day one before you even think about your business.

It’s Easier Than Ever

Even though the economy’s unstable at the moment it’s still easier than ever to start your own business. You can start in your living room, in your spare time and with the money you have in your pocket right now. In this digital/information/Internet age you don’t even need premises to reach an international market. If there’s ever a right time to take the plunge, it’s right now, today.

If you want to do all of the above properly you’ll need to develop your mindset along the way. Otherwise instead of creating a successful business you could end up simply creating yourself another job, working longer hours for less money. Luckily, developing a great business mindset is something I can help you with.

About the Author

Jason is a freelance Software Engineer who is a keen blogger, has run a number of online businesses and is also in the property letting business. His interests include researching and teaching the business mindset, his goal being to learn all there is to know about how to be a successful entrepreneur and to pass this information on to others. For more information visit: or follow him at

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Samsung Mobile Phones: The Best You Can Have

Saturday, August 23, 2014 | 8:56 pm

Now-a-days, the people hit upon Samsung mobile phones a wonderful way to be in contact with everyone they wish to be with. It offers fantastic models of all range which pleases the likes of almost everyone. It has traditional as well as the trendy mobile phone for buyers. The Samsung mobile phones are built-in with the latest technology which is suitable for our new and gadget crazy generation. Samsung has at least one for each person. It suits each pocket. You may find phones like sliders, touch screen and a complete keyboard type which help to make you look more stylish.

Entertainment is a vital quality of the Samsung mobile phones. You have the MP3 player along with the DNSe in order to enhance the quality of the sound, together with an equalizer so as to control it. You get the facility to incarcerate a song that you like and then save it in your mobile phone playlist for future classification using the music library segment. People who love to listen to the Radio every time, Samsung mobile is just right for them. The Samsung mobile phones have FM radio facilities that offer 24-hours of back to back songs and music entertainment.

At present, Samsung is one such name that has occupied the market very fast. Due to its great feat and superb features, Samsung mobile phones have managed to become the favourites among all. Now people cannot stop themselves from buying the latest Samsung phones as and when it hits the market. The Samsung Deals are the most eye catching and beneficial for everyone.

Mobile Phone Deals is among the most trusted and known names for the online buyers who look for the most excellent deals in the mobile phones. We offer the best mobile phones in the cheapest price without compromising on the quality. If you are fond of Samsung mobile phones and wish to get the latest Samsung phones like Samsung Monte, Samsung jet etc, then we are here to offer you the best Samsung Deals that will surely suit your pocket.

About the Author

For more information visit our website.

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